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My header was comprised of a few things that are quite meaningful to me. My porcelain doll, she stands 3 feet tall, given to me by a long time friend and the Victorian Metal Box belonged to my mother who sadly, is no longer with us. The tassel, I bought in an Antique Shop which hangs on the switch of my standing lamp. I use PSP, exclusively, and numerous Filters. Owner of versions 4, 6, 8 and 10. Out of all, I use PSP 8 the most.

I'm 47 ... Iowa born and bred.
Mother to 4- 3 sons, 1 daughter Grandmother to 5, 4 girls, 1 boy.
I'm a FT Cook for an Assisted Living Home.
I've been using PSP for many years, in Feb of this year I discovered Digital Scrapbooking.
Since that day I began a project-
I began making Scrapbooks for my 4 grown children, Christmas gifts to them they'll be.
Showing their lives from birth until now, but more importantly with my journaling, words from a mother's heart to her child(ren).
I have never been gifted with verbalizing things, but I am able to convey my feelings and thoughts in writing. And so it is with that - that I am thankful I stumbled across Digital Scrapping- and can finally say all the things that I want my kids to know.

Things I love to do but rarely have time to-
Oil Painting, Crocheting, Garage Selling, Bowling.

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Thursday, November 02, 2006

****I have moved.****

I will Blog here, yada yada etc, but you will find the Freebies on my new site.
Here's the link~
MoodeeBeth's Digital Scrap Haven

Sunday, October 29, 2006

What a way to start a day. Outta Whack! ..From the get-go.

I e-mailed my daughter & friend who live out of State and reminded them to change their clocks.
Yesterday I reminded staff to do the same.
Who goes to bed with no recollection of the time change?
That's right, I did!
Not until I had made coffee etc, etc and sat down at my computer did I (as I habitually do) look at my clock in the taskbar and saw 3:00 staring back at me!


I can not believe I forgot to set my alarm or that I had even forgotten about the change whatsoever, AT ALL.
It got me. I am victim even though I was aware of such, days in advance.
The repercussions will be felt through-out the day, I will feel it's force especially tonight - when I crash-n-burn at 8:00 o'clock.
Thank goodness it wasn't "spring forward" time... I don't even want to go there!

Now, on to the scrappin' stuff- I'm working on a couple of things, I should have some kind of freebie up tomorrow.
Time to start headin' out the door to work. Yes, I work every other weekend, faithfully.
Among my other OC traits, too, I am workoholic. I don't want to be. But, I am.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Freebie Ribbon! I finally found out how to create a twirly ribbon.
I searched and searched and searched.
Then tonight I came across this site that offers Scripts for PSP, but it works along with AV Bros. Page Curl Pro 2.1
The Demo keeps sample imprints on the image so you need to purchase in order to get beyond that. I recommend it. I've been playing for hours and here is one I felt worthy enough of being a Freebie...
Whatcha' think? I'd really like to know, and links, I'm still looking for more ribbon\bow tutes.



Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Look what I did today... I tubed my Crocheted Crinoline Doll last night, my gosh but that was ..::ugh!::.. TEDIOUS work!!
Ah but, I am quite pleased with how she turned out.
The original size is HUGE.
Her original color is a pale yellow, I chose to change the color for that particular LO.
One of these days she'll probably be a Freebie.
Eventually I would like to become a designer and sell my kits, I'm just not there yet... I don't think.
Anyhoo... enjoy~

Here's the goodies I promised. Only the beige flower is in the zip, I colorized it, thus getting the other 2- just for decoration on the sample. :P



Links Renewed for Frames~ ... I saw today that the files had reached their limits, thank you for letting me know. ;)
Look further below at the original post and the links are there.

Too early with only 1\2 a cup of coffee in me, I'll post a Freebie later this morning.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

3 Tier Crochet Frame~ I worked on this yesterday, it's my own crocheting, and the rest was made in PSP excluding the bow, which is mine, scanned in.
The "button" on the bow is a Brooch belonging to my mother scaled way down.
It's an oldie!
I'll be offering for a limited time the tassel shown in my Header, in days to come.
*g*... I listen and in most cases, oblige.

It snowed here yesterday, lightly..::ugh:: I DO NOT look forward to winter.
I love a good snowstorm but I hate being out in it. I absolutely detest the cold weather otherwise.

My daughter is coming home for Christmas ::yay:: .. She moved 3 states away nearly 3 years ago.
The one child who I thought would never ever leave home, flew far. She was attached to my hip all her life then suddenly severed the attachment- I was shell-shocked left wondering how it happened?!? When it happened?!?
I thought it'd be my no-fear adventerous 2nd son who would do something like that but no...
She at least gave me an inkling, I ::silly me:: just didn't pick up on it, she flew to Brazil with her Church. I kept waiting for the frantic call "I wanna come home", but, it never came...
Yep, I shoulda known then... LOL

Here's a glimpse of the full size

Renewed both Links as of Wed. 10-25



Friday, October 20, 2006

My Crochet Doll~
I made several of these lil dolls. I'm offering this one
in both PNG & PSP Formats.
I added the face on her tonight, I didn't fell I oughta give her out nekkid! *g*.
Should you desire to crop off the hanger, feel free, otherwise I prefer she stay as she was created. ;)

Renewed Links as of 10-26

PSP Link

PNG Link

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

New Frames~ I made these up today, thought I'd get them posted tonight since I'll be going back to work tomorrow. My work days are 11 hours long so it's pretty good odds that it wouldn't be happening tomorrow!
I took a picture of a piece of antique furniture that we own, went into my program, took part of the image and created these frames, I ended up with 2 styles that I liked.
Actual sizes are 530x585 .. Everything I make is at 300Res.
4:00 AM comes fast, time to call it a day~

MoodeeBeth's eSnips

Freebies~ Oct. 17th

All of these can be downloaded at eSnips.
Though they're all together in my "sample" image they are in fact each an individual separate file at eSnip.
There's 3 pages so be sure you go to the bottom of the page there and click the next page number.

I think this would like nice on those Fall LO's...

My Papers

MoodeeBeth's eSnips

Another day off but today I am actually going to accomplish something other than "playing" on here.
I did nothing yesterday but sit at my computer.
Fish tank needs cleaned, laundry needs done, vacuuming, dishes, organize my "I'll get to this later" piles...::sigh::
I'd rather be Scrappin' and PSPing...*g*
Typically though, on my 2 days off during the week one day is spent on doing nothing, chore\house-wise.
:::shrugs::..A gals gotta have her "me" time, right?! That's my story and I'm stickin' to it.
Check back later for more Freebies, I think I may share the glasses that's in my parent's LO up yonder. I found that too in my mother's belongings.
Too, I'll upload the Victorian Paper that I made from the Vic. Metal Box, I have the soft muted version and the regular toned version.
First things first so housework it is!